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The range of production for the wine making and storage vegetable oils is:

  • simple storage tanks vertical or horizontal, on legs or concrete base, with capacity from 5.000 to 500.000 litres;
  • tanks with simple wall or with jacket and thermal insulation;
  • large storage tanks realized on-site, all around the world;
  • multi-partition tanks;
  • simple tank for wine-making with flat sloped bottom;
  • tank for wine-making completely automatized, with mechanical discharge device, automatic temperature control, inner system for déléstage, oxigenation and carbonication system, pump for soft circulation and color estraction;
  • cubic storage tank to 25. 000 litres;
  • pressure vessels for sparkling wines making, from 500 to 120.000 litres, according European Norms PED 97/23 CE, complete with temperature control system, pressure control system, thermal insulation with welded or cladded inox covering.
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eno Vertical multi-partition tanks
  • Full optionals
  • External surfaces marble finish
  • Inner surfaces mirror polish BA>

eno Mechanical Wine-makers 30.000 litres  

eno Mechanical Wine-makers 15.000 litres  

eno Mechanical Wine-makers discharge detail
  • Discharge detail
  • Soft circulation sytem with pump and piping

eno Cubic storage tanks on legs 20.000-15.000-10.000-5.000 litres full optionals  

eno Cubic storage tanks on legs 15.000 full optionals  

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